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Dr. Philip Zimbadro Experiment

In reading the account of the "Stanford County Prison," a famous experiment conducted by Dr. Philip Zimbadro in 1971. Take particular note of the outcome of the experiment and what conclusions might be drawn. How did Dr. Zimbardo's findings might apply to a current, real-life event. Try to relate a parallel current event other than the Abu Ghraib incident. Be sure to share some of the concepts outlined in Dr. Zimbardo's experiment.

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A parallel event that has happened in the last year was in regards to children. In fact, 78 children from the state of Oklahoma went missing that was in the care of Department of Human Services custody (http://newsok.com/missing-78-children-from-oklahoma-department-of-human-services-custody/article/3871014). One should quickly start asking why and how come. This is a beta test for the prison system through the use of FEMA camps on American citizens when martial law is overtly declared after a ...

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This solution discussed Dr. Philip Zimbadro's experiment, outcome and a real-life example in society today.