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Research and Statistics in the Field of Psychology

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Explain in 800 words in which you examine the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology.
Address the following items:

•Define research and the scientific method.
•Compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data.
•Explain the role of statistics in research.

Format paper consistent with APA guidelines

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Research is essentially a systematic methodology by which to ascertain the answers to scientific inquiry, as well as a means by which to increase the general knowledge of the scientific community and society as a whole about a given topic etc. The most effective research methodology utilizes the scientific method as a means by which to efficiently and effectively ascertain the answers to research questions, as well as to gain an increased awareness of knowledge in many different subject areas. Research can be utilized in order to obtain knowledge in areas as diverse as quantum physics, as well as the social sciences such as sociology, due to the fact that the basic methodologies utilized in the research are very similar for most kinds of research, although there are technical differences in the vocabulary that is used as well as the research tools that are utilized in different kinds of research. The scientific method is a systematic methodology that is utilized in research in order to ascertain the most valid and reliable answers to research questions. The scientific method is composed of a series of activities that are conducted in a particular order so as to help researchers to be able to gain knowledge and understanding concerning a research question in a step-by-step incremental method. The scientific method involves objective ...