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Attitude Change Applied to Advertisements

A brief description of the two advertisements on the social issue; including the mediums (e.g., Internet, television, magazine, etc.) used to deliver the advertisements.

Explain which advertisement you found most persuasive and why.

Considering the advertisement you found most persuasive, explain how the message-learning approach might be used to explain why this advertisement is more effective than the other, less persuasive, advertisement. Support your response with current references to scholarly literature.

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Persuasion & Learning Theory

When we read magazines, watch TV, go online and go through our everyday lives - we are bombarded with advertising. For us to be moved to take a particular action, we are moved because what we see, what we read and experience appealed to us so that we are persuaded to act on it. This work for advertising of products and services - like the new smartphones, tailored holidays, fashion apparels, cars and real estate - essentially all goods and services. But this does not only apply to commerce, it applies to social issues too. These days, we see social advocates and charity group campaign online, in print and on TV. One of the main issues I am interested in is child abuse primarily because I am deeply disturbed at the notion of helpless children being abused by parents and elders. Ads for children to move them to call the agency or the people who can help them must understand children, must be able t deliver the message to children. With child abuse constituting a long list including neglect, physical abuse, psychological and emotional abuse and sexual abuse, children at risk are in a high threshold of the potential to be harmed. If advertising can reach them and move them to seek help, all the better.


I have 2 adverts that I think put the message across. One for them is from the United Kingdom's NSPCC, a charity with a vision to 'end cruelty to children' across the UK, by being present and being accessible, especially to children. To do this, they (NSPCC, 2013):

"Create and deliver the services that are most effective ...

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The solution provides a brief description of two advertisements on the social issues and explains which is most persuasive and why.