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product's advertising

Please see the attached document where I describe how a product's advertising affects me.
Please do some additional searches, and describe how this company's messages affect you.

Product Selection

Chocolate is one of the weaknesses that I have and Ghirardelli is one of my favorite brands. Ghirardelli is
made in America and is one of the few companies that make everything, from cocoa bean to the finished
product. Ghirardelli offers a large variety of different chocolate and chocolate products like chocolate
squares, baking chocolate and chocolate beverages (

Three Places Where It Was Promoted

Ghiradelli advertises extensively on television. I've also seen Ghiradelli advertised in magazines. These are
generally full-page advertisements showcasing the chocolate in various delicious-looking productions.
Ghiradelli is also promoted on recipe websites like Allrecipes, which have many recipes devoted to using
Ghiradelli squares ( Ghiradelli appears to focus their advertisements on women. I have
noticed that those advertisements are generally shown during television shows that women are more likely
to watch. The magazine advertisements are typically in women's magazines like Better Homes and Gardens.

How the Ad Caught your Attention

The television advertisement was the most effective on me, capturing my attention right away. It was
shown during a break in one of my favorite shows. The advertisement uses scenes of a young woman taking
a break from working on an art project in order to enjoy a Ghiradelli "milk chocolate and caramel" Square.
She opens the small package and bites the corner off slowly. The caramel inside the square slowly stretches
away. I get hungry for chocolate whenever I think about the final scene where warm, gooey caramel drizzles
into smooth dark milk chocolate. I could almost taste the chocolate and caramel melting in my mouth.

Will You Buy This Product Because of Ad? (Explain why or why not)

I would definitely be more likely to buy a package of the Ghiradelli squares because of the television
advertisement. The magazine and Internet advertisements do not have much of an effect on me, because I
tend to not notice either of these methods of advertisement. I flip right past the ads in magazines, and I
scroll past the Internet ads without even noticing them.

I would not likely run out and buy a package as soon as I saw the television advertisement. But if I stopped
in the local Rite-Aid and walked past a display of them, I would definitely pick up a package of milk
chocolate and caramel Ghiradelli squares.

Cite any references used.

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The Ghirardelli advertising affected my perception. I perceived Ghirardelli as being a rich and attractive chocolate. The image of the young woman taking a break from working on art project made me perceive the chocolate as sensuous. When I saw the advertisement of Ghirardelli in a woman's magazines, it created an impression that this was a chocolate for women.

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I was affected by Ghirardelli advertisements. On seeing the young woman ...

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