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Online cosmetic surgery advice: Marketing Strategies for product's stage in its life cycle

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Identify appropriate marketing strategies consistent with the product's stage in its life cycle, and the market and competitive conditions it faces.

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In a 479 word solution, the response presents a through examination of the idea and its potential for development.

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The product's stage in its life cycle is the growth stage, the reason being that the target market is not ignorant to the cosmetic plastic surgery nor is this product entirely unknown and unavailable to the movie stars. On the other hand the market has not yet reached the maturity stage where there is a slowdown in growth because the product has been accepted by most of the target industry.

So the product's stage is the growth stage and this is a stage of rapid market acceptance and profit improvement.

The appropriate strategy is that of Rapid-Penetration. The assumptions of this strategy are.
1. The market is large in size, which is the case with the size of the ...

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