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Marketing Management I

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Select a new product idea for a new small business; a new product idea for an existing operation; or an existing product that you would like to market to a new segment or in a new way. As you consider your selection, evaluate the amount of information available for the product and market segment that you intend to address. Industries containing public companies, or with a high profile at this time, will typically have more information readily available regarding firms, products, or brands. Also, choose an area in which you have an interest and some knowledge about the specific product you will select.

a. Identify and define your idea for which you will prepare a marketing plan. Identify the target market to whom the product will be sold and the benefits the product would provide to the target market.

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NEW PRODUCT IDEA Online cosmetic surgery advice and solutions. We will have one set of cosmetic surgery doctors who will remain online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, give online advise to the site visitor. Show them with the help of pictures and videos the improvement that can be made, quote a price for the cosmetic improvement and direct them to an empanelled cosmetic surgeon who will carry out the surgery. This surgery will be carried out with complete anonymity and not even the operating surgeon will know the identity of the patient. To further protect the identity of the patient, the surgery will be conducted at a confidential operating theater and to avoid payment by credit card, the money may be received in ...

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