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    The Dynamics of Attitude Formation

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    Describe the HIV and Aids as a social problem and itsâ?? research.

    Explain how one or more of the processes for attitude formation may account for how attitudes toward the social problem are typically formed.

    Explain how attitudes toward the problem could be changed.

    Then, drawing on some of the insights from the article, "Thoughts on Attitude Measurement," describe one or more ways you might measure changes in attitude toward the problem. Include some of the benefits and shortcomings of the method(s) of attitude measurement applied specifically to the social problem being studied.

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    HIV and AIDS is are social problem due to the fact that this disease affects individuals in a direct way, and also affects the rest of society in an indirect way. It is obvious that individuals suffering from HIV and AIDS are directly affected by the detrimental health related issues that this disease causes, but on a macro level this disease also affects the rest of society due to the fear that it causes, the amount of medical resources that its patients require, as well as the economic impact to the nation as a whole due, to the fact that many of these sufferers are taken out of the job market, etc. In addition, HIV and AIDS research is very costly, and requires a great deal of time and effort from our leading researchers, but this research has resulted in breakthrough medications that can assist sufferers of this ...