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Learning Behaviors in Mistake

People who don't learn from other's mistakes...are they not learning those lessons because they don't care or maybe because they think it doesn't apply to them? I know that learning how to ride a bike or throw a basketball cannot always be learned because there is skill required in that process of learning. I think other behaviors may not be learned, but I wonder if some of that behaviors sits in the back of our mind on some levels. For example, balancing a check book: many feel they don't need to do this because they keep a running tally in their mind, yet they are always overdrawn on their account. The parent will try and drill into their head to balance a check book and even show them how to do it, but the child just refuses to take the advice until one day they get sick of being broke and finally balance the check book. Does that make sense?

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In my experience, people who do not learn from other's mistakes may choose not to depending on their own experiences with the same topics as well as the phase of life they are in. With the example you used regarding a parent trying to teach their child how to balance a check book; the ...

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A discussion regarding an opinion of why certain individuals do not learn from their mistakes and why this might happen specifically in adolecents. 183 words.