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Executive Dysfunction & Major Depressive Disorder

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Please provide a comparison (similarities and differences) between the executive dysfunction and major depressive disorder. Then, explain the factors that might make it difficult to differentiate between and diagnose the disorders. Next, postulate on some recommendations that might be given for treatment of either case if a forensic psychology professional were to evaluate the individual.

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Executive Dysfunction & Depressive Disorder

Mood disorders are issues/disturbances with a person's mood. When a person's mood is disturbed in an abnormal manner, it can be observed that there will be an (AllPsych, 2014), "inappropriate, exaggerated, or limited range of feelings." While moods are normal, those suffering from mood disorders suffer extremes of moods so that it becomes a barrier in living a normal life. There are mood disorders that are fairly dangerous, that when not managed, can lead to suicidality. This mood disorder is called major depressive disorder which is characterized by (Mayo Clinic, 2014), "a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest...it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. You may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities, and depression may make you feel as if life isn't worth living." Meanwhile, another phenomenon that can impact how we feel is the functioning of our cognitive systems. A healthy cognitive systems means that we can (SmartKids, n.d.), " initiate, plan and organize, set goals, solve problems, regulate emotions, and monitor behavior. " A dysfunction in our executive systems can lead to problems in this ...

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