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The Family Life Cycle and Counselling

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Need help with explaining how the family life cycle may be applied in couples and family counseling. Also, what are some examples of crisis situations in which a counselor might apply his or her understanding of the family life cycle?

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(1) How can a family life cycle be applied in couples and families cases?

Seo and Lim (1984 as cited in Lee, Park, & Montalto, 2000) identified the family life cycle as consisting of seven stages: (1) young married couples, (2) young people with school children, (3)Your couples with elementary school children, (4) parents with secondary school children, (5) parents with college children, (6) parents with adult unmarried children, and (7) parents with married children (Lee, Park, & Montalo, 2000, 82). For example, Xiang (1986) investigated the effects of income and life cycle variables on the ownership of household financial assets based on several life cycle variables that included: (a) income, (b) marital status, (c) employment status, and (d) child's presence; and how these variables influences the family's financial status. Lee et al suggest that the importance of the study to family (or couple) counseling is that empirical studies reveal consumer behavior processes that involve interaction with the counselor and families; and other concerned professionals.

For instance, the study revealed that both income and life cycle variable s are important factors to explain the ownership of some financial products. For instance, life cycle variables such as age and marital status may be more important than income effects. Thus, as the study of Lee et al suggests, the implications for practitioners is in providing recommendations of couples and families' ...

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This solution describes how the family life cycle is applied to family counseling.