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Analyzing Ethical Scenarios

Scenario 2: Is It Plagiarism? This scenario is found on p. 18.

To prepare for this Discussion:

- Review your assigned scenario from the online course text, On Being a Scientist.
- Review the "Ethical Issues to Anticipate" section (pp. 87-92) in the course text, Research Design.
- Address the questions that follow each scenario in the online Course Text.
With these thoughts in mind:


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Ethical Science

The scenario is as follows - Prof. Lee, a respected scientist is writing a research grant proposal with a looming deadline in less than 48 hours. To hasten its completion, he appropriated ideas and words from a published journal paper, directly copying isolated sentences into his proposal, in the form of brief, factual and one-sentence summaries of previously published articles closely related to, or providing background on the topic of study. Since this journal is well documented to be the work of ...

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