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Analyzing Ethical Scenarios A Conflict of Commitment

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I need help in my assignment concerning a scenario (see attached files). In the scenario, Sandra was also concerned because the majority of the project on which she is working seemed to be skewed toward the special interests of the private entity funding the project. Before entering into the working relationship with Dr. Frederick, Sandra had discussed her concerns about the funding and the ability to conduct her own research and was assured that there would be no conflict (National Academy Press, 2009). How can I analyse this for a conflict of commitment?

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The expert analyzes the ethical scenarios for a conflict of commitment.

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Any stakeholder that has made a financial investment in any project will be concerned with the outcome of a research study. Some Stakeholders may even attempt to persuade the researchers to consider special circumstances. However, it is the responsibility of the researcher to make it clear what his or her role is and the ethical practices the he or she must follow regardless of the investment made or those involved in the project. On the contrary, this case is complicated due to the fact that the student is considered with her education because the research is tied to a company connected to ...

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