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Test Edition and Measurement

For example, if a test publisher has developed the second edition of an assessment, would it be appropriate for us to use the first edition. How do we know when it appropriate or not appropriate? I want to know if the first edition is better than the second edition? If the first edition was done in 1930 and a second revision is done in 2006, would I say that the second edition is better. I am confused. Can you help me understand it better?

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In my response I will use Assessment and Test interchangeably. Typically second editions of assessments may include a variety of changes, such as:

1. Validation of Assessment on a certain population(s) that the first edition did not cover. This validity deals with the extent tow which meaningful and appropriate inferences can be made from the instrument. Such as is there evidence to support the test scores for the purpose for which they will be used?

- Assessments scores are normed around a particular group(s) or ...

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The test edition and measurements are examined in the solution.