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Defending the viewpoint that praise is an effective strategy

Defend the viewpoint that praise is an effective strategy. What has been your experience giving and receiving reinforcement for your efforts? Why do you think there are such different points of view? How might biological and environmental factors affect the behavior of the child? How might these factors impact the effectiveness of praise?

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Using praise as positive reinforcement can be effective for both children and adults. For children, it is a way to teach them the difference between positive and negative behavior. Often time, when a child misbehaves, they are actively punished and sometimes ridiculed. It is imperative for parents and educators to put out the same amount of effort (If not more) to acknowledge the child's good deeds and, thereby, reinforce positive behavior. The same goes for adults. I know from experience that I am more inclined to do my work efficiently and diligently when administration praises me for my good work. It confirms that I am appreciated and I am moving in the right direction. ...

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The solution defends the viewpoint that praise is an effective strategy.