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Please tell us what you consider to be the three most important factors of a good
tutoring session. Explain why these factors are important and how you would incorporate
them into online tutoring sessions.

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The most important thing for a good tutoring session is patience. The main reason you are there is to help the student with an area that they are most likely struggling in and not comprehending in the school setting. The use of manipulatives is also very effective when tutoring (blocks, cards, devices that help explain the concept).

1. Question, pause for thinking time and then prompt

Talking at people for a long time is not an effective way of helping them to learn. A variety of tasks and ways of responding to tasks helps prevent tutees and tutors from losing interest. Different kinds of questioning have very different effects on learners. Tutees must be allowed time to understand questions or tasks.

? Avoid lectures. Do not give tutees long, complicated explanations. Keep everything short, to the point and in simple words. Give positive instructions for what to do. Do not emphasize what NOT to do. If necessary, explain again briefly, but in different words.

? Review. Often it is helpful to briefly review what you learned in your previous tutoring session.

? Concentrate. Stay focused on the task in hand. Do not drift off into irrelevant conversation. Tutoring time is precious. Use it well. ...

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What constitutes a good tutor and a good tutoring session

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