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Abnormal Psychology

Possible dissertation subjects for educational psychology

I need help with deciding on a description of at least one educational psychology topic of interest that might be used for a dissertation. Also, how can research on this topic be used to promote positive social change. Thank you.

Role of Educational Psychologists

Explain what the future role of an educational psychologist professional may be, as well as at least two challenges encountered by educational psychologists and how to address those challenges.

Similarity Of Recall

Do you agree with the statement that "two people generally do not remember the same event in the same way"? Why or why not? Please support your conclusion with research from the text. What are some practical implications of your conclusion?

Organization Skills

Having effective organizational skills such as (a) work-content skills, (b) personal attributes (such as communication and self-management), and (c) technology, is essential in the business world. Employees who are organized exemplify a more professional approach to their work, and are generally more productive and efficient wit

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Implemented Into a Public Speech or Messages

Assume that a friend has asked you to help her in developing a series of messages to persuade people to join literacy classes and to learn to read. The messages will take the form of a public speech or radio and television public service announcements. Use Maslow's Needs Hierarchy to construct five different messages, each of wh

Early Childhood Education Policies

Discuss current education policies related to early childhood and how it may affect my role as a future educational psychologist professional.

Effects of Divorce

Marriage does take work. Sometimes individuals do not want to take the time to work on their marriage and instead give up, resulting in divorce. Divorce can be very stressful. We have discussed the impact that divorce has on children in a past discussion. Now, let's look at the effects that divorce has on the individuals going t


I need help in describeing the process known as reuptake following the termination of the postsynaptic potential and how the process is affected by SRI's (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) such as Prozac, Zoloft, etc.?

Genogram Basics

This solution covers: -The steps involved in creating your own genogram -Creating and setting up a three-generation genogram -The delineation of family relationships (close, overly close, conflictual, cut off, and so on) using standard genogram symbols -Labeling information such as chronic or terminal illnesses, ethn

Functional limitation

Provide a description of a functional limitation and explain how it might impact a client's career development. Explain what value a functional capacity evaluation and job analysis might hold for a client with this functional limitation. Then, describe how one of four vocational rehabilitation services - Work-Adjustment Training

Female Sexual Dysfunctions and Female Menopause

1. Can you discuss at least three female sexual dysfunctions. 2. In addition, can you create a case study for one of the dysfunctions described and providing a brief treatment overview for the case.

Program Development Plan for Mental Health Counseling Agency

Textbook is Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency settings. Authors are Samuel T. Gladding & Deborah w. Newsome Outline and describe the necessary steps to create a mental health counseling agency in your community. In each step of this process, be sure to discuss how diversity (age, gender, ethnicity, re

Educational Psychology and Education Policy

I need help with describing and explaining of an educational policy (i.e. Pell Grant Program, No Child Left Behind, and Higher Education ACT (HEA) Title II) and how it might affect the role of future educational psychology professionals. Also, how one might change or add to the policy to improve its effectiveness.

Common Sense, and Beliefs

(Articles omitted for copyright purposes) One challenge for social scientists is to recognize thinking based in "common sense" and to move toward critical thinking. To prepare for this Discussion: - Review the Study Notes: Psychology as a Science. Think about the difference between common sense and science. Consider the c

No Interpersonal Communication

Hi Denise. Could you please do an "objective" conversational response on how this person has done on their discussion on not communicating? During this week, this person selected one hour of the day when they were with other people and they did not communicate to know one. During this hour, this person tried their best no

Behavior Management Services Division Objectives

Principal Kelly has suggested two objectives (one outcome and one process objective) for each of the proposed interventions: Behavior Management Services Division Objectives Outcome Objective: By June 2009, the Behavior Management Division will reduce all teacher complaints of behavior problems Process Objective: Weekly,

Interpersonal Communication: Pathos, Ethos, Logos

-Is Aristotle Classification Scheme ethos, pathos and logos beneficial for me to know or use in my everyday life? -Is it true that part of being a good speaker is having the ability for understanding your audience? -Great communication begins and ends with knowing whom we are interacting with in an exchange. Why?

Eriksons theory

I need help understanding Erikson's psychosocial stage theory.

Correlation and Regression with SPSS Statistical Results

Can someone help me to condense the statistical results of the attached "Correlation and Regression results" done by the SPSS program? The test looks at: Is there a relationship between people feelings about the bible and how often they attend religious services, and/or Does Religious preference (X) affect respondents' (Y) feeli

Needs of clients with mental health concerns

Please assist me with coming up with three or more examples of multiple needs that clients may have with regard to mental health or substance-related issues/concerns and career development and explain the interplay between the two. Then describe some of the specific challenges that you as a counselor may encounter in working wit

Gifted Students and Mainstream Classes

I need help with an explanation of two ways educational psychology can promote academic success for gifted students as well as help me explain two potential challenges of educating gifted students in mainstream classes.

Mainstream Classes

I need to condense my argument concerning exceptional students being included in mainstream classes. Therefore, can someone help me condense an argument for or against inclusion of students with exceptionalities into mainstream classes? Also, I have to frame an argument from an educational psychology perspective.

unit 9 capstone

I need assistance with seeking out Michigan state requirements for the necessary certification or licensure needed to work in your desired job (BAAM). Once you have found the requirements for earning the certification/license, search for training requirements needed to renew the certification or to earn the next level. Share the

Need assistance with Healthy Relationship Factors.

Can you identify four factors that are central to building and maintaining healthy intimate relationships. Describe each of the four factors you have chosen, and explain the importance of each one. In addition can you create a case study reflecting the importance of the factors you described.

Dysfunctional Relationships

1. Can you discuss at least three reasons why people do not end relationships that have deteriorated beyond repair. 2. As a mental health professional, what would you say are the signposts that indicate when it is time to leave a dysfunctional or abusive relationship? 3. How would you help a client who comes to you to help i

Applied Psychology and Human Values

What are your thoughts on the relationship between Applied Psychology and human values; and your thoughts on applied psychology's effectiveness and value sensitivity?

Motivational interviewing case study:

(1) What are some advantages to using Motivational interview on the case study of andrea? (2) What are some disadvantages to using Motivational interviewing on Andrea? Andrea Andrea is a 17-year-old Hispanic in the U.S. illegally. She crossed the Mexican border with her mother last year. Mama is finding sporadic work. At

Stages of Change in Dealing with AOD

What are some advantages of using the stages of change in treatment of AOD problems? What are disadvantages of using the stages of change or motivational interviewing model in treatment of AOD problems?