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    Infertility and Sex

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    What are the impacts of infertility on male, female, and couples' sexual functioning. In addition, what effects can infertility and infertility treatment have in a couple's sexual life and behavior.

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    (1) What are the impacst of infertility on male, female, and couples' sexual functioning?

    Based on the research, when "couple" infertility is diagnosed, it is usually women who experience greater psychosocial distress such as: (1) somatic difficulties, (2) lower self-esteem, (3) higher levels of depression, and (4) greater interpersonal sensitivity related to their infertility. The diagnosis of "male factor" infertility is the one situation that appears associated with a more negative male response to infertility (Daniluk, 1997; Leiblum, 1993 as cited in Elliot, 1998). For instance, they come to realize that injuries can have an impact on sexual functioning and potentially threaten their ability to become fathers. However, Elliott cautions that clinicians must not assume that fatherhood is any less important to men than women, men just react differently. For instance, a man?s sense of masculinity is related to his sexual functioning. His desires to be a father and ...

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    This solution describes the impacts of infertility on male, female, and couples' sexual functioning