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Sexuality Models in Therapy

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Conduct a search of professional counselling and family therapy journals. Locate two articles, one that discuss a traditional sexuality model or approach prior to 1980 and the other that looks at an approach after that date.

Some examples from a traditional perspective include:
•Masters and Johnson

Examples of more recent perspectives include:

Summarize each article including main points as well as provide a critique of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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Note: The articles for these two articles (and the others) were difficult to find work written by the authors themselves. with the exception of Lipoccoto, most of the work is written about the authors. I hope this works.

Following his work that investigated the relationship between cognitive style and sex-role conflicts in men and women. Lopiccolo & Blatt (1972) hypothesized that a typical male and female cognitive style would be related to their sexual identity. Lopiccolo study focuses on the cognitive style of males as involving assertive styles, and emphasizing on logical and objective facts. On the other hand, the cognitive styles for women were characterized as involving a passive dependent style and an emphasis on intuition and interpersonal relationships.

Moreover, according to Lopiccolo and Blat (1972), of the typical male and female did not fall into their respective categories there would be a role reversal tied to the person's sexual identity. This postulation obviously fed into Lopiccolo's theoretical formulations on couple relationship therapy.
In his review of C. H. Shapiro's book, Loppiccolo would write, on patients' reaction mourning based conceptualization of patients' reactions to sexual trauma and medical conditions that have sexual effects" (e.g., chronic illness, normal aging, infertility). Again in his work, Cognitive ...

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