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    Infertility: Boxers vs Briefs - Health Science, Anatomy

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    Some young men were told by their mothers not to wear tight briefs, as this could make them sterile and infertile. Explain how wearing tight briefs could do this. What alternative methods could you implement to avoid sterility and infertility, and why?

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    Hi there,

    The main point of your discussion will focus on the role that excessive heat and lack of heat regulation plays in infertility. In short, it is believed that excessive heat can result in infertility.

    To understand why/how this occurs, you must understand the anatomy and function of some components of the male reproductive tract. The scrotum plays an important role in regulating the temperature of the testis (testicles), the organs that are important in sperm production. The scrotum is the external testicular sac that effectively contains the testicles. It is made of autonomic muscles (muscles that contract/relax without your conscious ...

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    This is a solution that provides evidence as to why men who wear briefs may be at higher risk of infertility compared to men who wear boxers. This discussion focuses on anatomical and physiological responses leading to sterility.

    Solution additionally contains information about other environmental factors leading to infertility.

    Three references included.