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Abnormal Psychology

Paraphilia Challenges and Providing Ethical Services

Can you briefly describe two paraphilias, their characteristic behaviors, and the theories as to how each paraphilia develops? Discuss the challenges you would have when facing a client who comes to you with one of the two paraphilias you described. How would you proceed in order to provide this client with ethical services?

Assessing Research Designs

Topic 1: Quasi Experimental Designs A quasi-experimental design is similar to an experimental design as they both include an experimental and control group. The difference is that a quasi-experimental design lacks the element of randomization (Goodwin & Goodwin, 2013). The most common is the non-equivalent groups design, which

Development and Racial Identity Theories

Description of how development theories and racial identity theories could inform your work with clients who are GLBT or who belong to racial or ethnic minority groups.

The Changing Goals in the Family

Consider the perspectives of multiple family members from the movie Parenthood in relation to one another, and think about the changing goals of these family members through a developmental life-cycle perspective. Pick at least 2 family members from a family unit, or two members of the entire family, from the film who you bel

Stereotypes and Impression Formation

We often use cognitive schemata to form impressions of other people and interpret their messages. Person prototypes are ideal representations of a certain kind of person. They are used to identify and classify people. Say for instance back when you were in high school, there were students who were classified as nerds, the most p

Clinical Mental Health Counselor Interview

I need a Licensed Mental health Counselor to assist me with these questions. I have called a bunch of counselors to get an interview and no one seem to be available. This has to be answered by a licensed mental health counselor, not a social worker or psychologist. The person's name needs to be attached so I can use it for inte

Educational Performance Standards

Can someone help me with discussing whether adjusting (raising or lowering) educational performance standards might increase or suppress student motivation? Also, I have to argue for or against the assertion that higher performance standards and accountability result in higher student academic performance.

Configurations: Polyamorous, Swinging, Open Marriages

- Briefly explain the following alternative lifestyles: swinging, open marriage, and group marriage. - How could counsellors ethically approach an individual in an open relationship or someone who was in one of the three alternative lifestyles: swinging, open marriage, or group marriage?

Anger management and regression in teenage boys

Need some assistance with completing this scenario. You have been working with a 16 yr. old male who has been identified as a juvenile delinquent and placed into an alternate high school. He has been working with you for six months and has completed all of the modules of the anger management program that you teach. You have noti

Correlational Research

Correlational Research As a researcher, suppose you are interested in the extent to which biological factors are associated with shyness in females. Assume you have access to 20 adopted children, all females, and you give each a shyness test. The test yields scores from 0-20 and the higher the score, the greater the degree of

Achievement Gap in Education

I need help with describing two factors that might contribute to the achievement gap and how. Also, can educational psychology be used to identify these factors?

Developing Effective Questionnaires

1) Construct your own Questionnaire: You have convinced your supervisor that Ms. Mary's questionnaire is so bad, that a new one is needed. So of course, she has given you the task of drafting a new questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is the same - to get a general picture of the number and type of incidents at the sc

Learning and Performance

Is there a difference between learning and performance? If so, what is it? If not, why? How does this apply to your work environment?

The Four Perspectives

There are four different theoretical perspectives on communication (Psychological Perspective, Social Constructionist Perspective, Pragmatic Perspective and Cultural Studies Perspective). Consider each of these perspectives and answer the questions below as well as provide one example each about these perspectives. 1) Consid

Wedding and Differences Between Cultures

Project Introduction: In this project, you will perform a literature review to research 'weddings' and how they are performed in different cultures. You will report your findings in APA style. Course Objectives Tested The following course objectives will be tested by this project: Evaluate how the self influences soc

Implementing Treatment: Hypothetical Session

Create one for a hypothetical session and one for another session. This is for my hypothetical client David Woods with ADHD. Please let me know if you need more info. Progress Note Client name: Session Date/Time: Summary of Session: Change in Needs: Progress towar

Program of Study (POS) and Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Application: Program of Study (POS) and Professional Development Plan (PDP) This week you will create your own blueprint or roadmap for your graduate program at Walden. To prepare for this assignment: - Review the Long Range Course Rotation document located in the Learning Resources. - Review the information provided in the

Divorce Counseling Groups

Scenario: A counselor is currently co-leading a group for adolescents at a high school. The group members are those who have recently experienced their parents divorcing, placing focuses on identifying reasons for divorce, improving communication skills with parents and other family members, and identifying coping strategies f

Circumcision and Mutilation

Can you briefly describe female genital mutilation and the social and cultural justifications for its performance. Explain why the practice has been condemned by some based on universal ethical standards. As a professional in a clinical situation who works with culturally diverse families and individuals, a client comes to yo

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs

Please help with some examples and information on the following - What are some major differences between experimental and quasi-experimental designs? What different types of manipulations can be used? Any sources would be helpful as this is just one minor part for additional research.

Modification of target behaviors, treatment goals

You have been working with a six-year-old female whose parents have recently divorce. She has developed behavioral problems in school. During a usual school day, she is placed in time out at least three times for hitting or kicking other children. The principal demanded that the child receive counseling in order to prevent these

The Data Collection Process and Notions of Self Concept

a) Describe how a tool will be used in the data collection process related to one type of need. Different type needs will require different data collection methods. b) Describe a time when you tried to bring about a change in your self-concept and were not successful in doing so. Summarize the guidelines for improving self