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Job Performance Models: learned and achievement

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What are two examples of job performance models? What do you think about these models?

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This solution describes the achievement motivation model and the learned helplessness model, two attributional models of job performance, and describes which is more likely to lead to success in the workplace and better self-efficacy, giving specific examples for each type.

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The first model of job performance to be discussed is the learned helplessness model. Learned helplessness is also thought of as giving up, believing that "I don't have any control over what happens and it doesn't matter what I do, nothing will change". This person can also have the feeling of being incompetent (1). An example of this would be a student studying for a final exam, and thinking to themselves, "it doesn't matter if I study for this test, it's not going to help my grade anyway", or "even if I study, it won't help me make a better grade". I consider people who use this type of model to be a pessimist.

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