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Stages of Change in AOD

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What are some advantages of using the stages of change in treatment of AOD problems?

What are disadvantages of using the stages of change or motivational interviewing model in treatment of AOD problems?

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(1) What are some advantages of using the stages of change in treatment of AOD problems?

As noted in the research the most prominent problems associated with AOD is lack of prevention and/or early or ineffective treatment (Crane, Berckley, & Frank. 2012). A variety of behavioral and social science interventions that have been developed are aimed at the effective treatment for AOD patients. The Motivational Enhancement Therapy stages of change model developed by Prochaska and Diclemente (1986 as cited in Crane et al, 2012) is commonly used as a tool for guiding AOD intervention. The MET model has been modified to adapt to several strategies for use in treating AOD. Lachance, Feldman & Ewing (2009) explain that the individual in a growth pattern can progress from contemplation to preparation, to action to maintenance, ...

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This solution describes the stages of change involving AOD treatment; it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of motivational interviewing in treating AOD problems.

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