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Abnormal Psychology

Marriage Counselling: Pat and Win

Pat, a 54 year old female who just found out her husband Win is having an affair. Pat and Win have been married for 35 years and have children who are fully grown with children of their own. Pat and Win have always had marriage problems, but stayed together "for the children". Now, they find themselves unable to even look at eac

MultiAxis Diagnosis

Sherlock Holmes 50 year old white male Lives on trust fund money Father & Mother deceased Older Brother is liason between President and CIA; has worked for four presidents Sherlock envisions himself as a Detective-a Puzzle Solver Considers himself a genius. In fact, has an IQ of 190 Mycroft, his brother has an equal IQ.

Patient Analysis with 5 Axis Diagnosis: Alice in Wonderland

Please provide a 5 axis diagnosis on Alice in Wonderland - Sees animals that speak to her - She states that she is trying to get home. - However, she finds that she must help the animals fight against the Red Queen - The red queen has an army. Their uniforms resemble playing cards - She seeks advice from a caterpillar smoki

Grief Case Study

The following is a hypothetical scenario of a couple seeking counseling to help arbitrate a dispute they are having regarding their dead child's room and possessions. The couple has come to you as their counselor. You hope to help them resolve this problem and to get in touch with underlying fears and feelings engendered by this

Discussing Peer Pressure

Erikson's theory of psychosocial development highlights the importance of peer relationships in adolescent development. What are some positive aspects of peer group influence during adolescence? Share an example illustrating how peers served as a positive influence in your own or your children's adolescent development.

Analysis of Abnormal Psychology

There are many areas in the field of psychology and many views from those of the study. In the field of psychology what is determined as abnormal psychology and where was it originated. Most behaviourists believe that abnormal psychology has many challenges but some of these challenges may not relate to this particular field of

Developmental profile of a person in two concurrent stages of life

Please help me describe a hypothetical person in two stages of life development. View the person as a hypothetical client if you are studying Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). The goal of this is for you to present a developmental profile of a person in two concurrent stages of life (e.g., early and middle childhood) explaining

Psychodynamically Oriented Counseling

Please discuss 200-300 words: Nowadays, most psychoanalytically oriented counselors prefer to dialogue with their clients face to face. What do you think is gained and what is lost in the face-to-face format? Do you think that the basic tools of psychoanalysis identified by Ikonen (2002) become more effective or less effectiv

Facial expressions and emotion

What is the relationship between facial expressions and emotion? Do you think that there is a universal nature of facial expressions? Why or why not?

Research Ethics and Institutional Review Boards

All research in any field needs to be approved by federally mandated institutional review boards (IRBs). Using the following case study, evaluate the questions that follow: Dr. Mike and a team of fellows decided to do a study on how teaching approaches affect a student's college entrance exams. They wanted to examine the teac

Midlife Crisis - A Myth or Standard

Our reading refers to midlife crisis as a myth rather than a standard for adults in their middle adult years. Evaluate the reasons for the author's position that the midlife crisis is not a common experience. Select one of the issues described in the article and develop a scenario exemplifying this issue. Include the age and

Erikson's Psychocial Stages of Development - Generativity vs. Stagnation

Adults in their middle years of development often have cultivated a comprehensive understanding of self related to their societal and cultural settings (e.g., family, work, and culture). This mature view of self includes an understanding of strengths, abilities, skills, and interests that help them to cope with their many respon

Grief Psychology

This question is about current trends and issues that affect today's aged population. - Describe the biological changes that occur in late adulthood, and identify how health and fitness affect the aging process. - Contrast the overall decline of memory, language processing, and problem-solving abilities in late adults with

Psychology of Media

Take a particular media - TV show (i.e., children's cartoon, TV news clip), movie clip, song (you can type out the lyrics), the text from a blog, cartoon, etc. and complete the following: 1) A brief description of the media you are analyzing 2) Who is the primary audience of the media 3) The number of violent acts in the

Counseling Case Study: Women Coping with Mother's Death

This solution deals with a hypothetical scenario as a case study. Imagine that you are the counselor who will be working with the client described in the case study below. Describe what techniques may be most effective when working with this client. Would this client be identified as at-risk bereaved? Why or why not? Can you

Applying the Theory of Operant Conditioning

I know what operant conditioning is. I need to write an overview on how to apply operant conditioning in this specific scenario and how I would solve this issue! How will I apply it to a child who has a processing disorder? The scenario is a student who has a processing disorder and the teacher and school psychologist want to

Lifespan Development - Physical Changes

From 18 to 25 years of age, the prefrontal cortex is still developing its last connections between areas of the brain responsible for planning, analysis, and logical problem solving. During early adulthood, particularly during the twenties, the body is stronger than at any other point in life. However, there are many habits that

Erikson's Psychosocial Theory and Relationship Development

During early adulthood, adults face many new challenges related to leaving their families (physically and cognitively) to develop their own families. These families can include friends, intimate partners, and/or peer groups (such as coworkers) that serve as new "families." Those who are unable to form these bonds suffer from inc

Psychology and Education

The APA Ethics Code covers departments, programs, and accuracy in teaching. As a student in an advanced psychology program, explain what codes that a psychology professional has to follow when developing a psychology program. What makes accuracy of teaching so important? If you were in psychology education, how would you engage

Psychologists in Education

Imagine you are the professional head of an advanced degree program in psychology supervising students, instructors and staff. There are numerous areas of the Code you need to follow. What are the most important areas of the Code? How would you develop an educational program using these APA standards? Give a detailed example of

Population Analysis: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender

Identify and briefly describe the selected population. Develop a crisis intervention strategy for an individual from that selected population. Explain that particular strategy and how one might apply it to a crisis situation with the individual, providing specific examples. Think about any legal and ethical issues that might

Confidentiality in Psychology Practice

Psychology professionals work with many different people and problems. The issues of confidentiality, release of information under HIPAA, therapy notes, and dual relationships become even more important in a clinic setting. One of the more important issues addressed in the Code is the issue of sexual intimacy during or after the

Gambling Additions and Retired Persons

I am doing a research study on whether Indian casino's are contributing to gambling addiction in seniors. I am having a little trouble with research methods, and theories. I need to find the essential features of the methods proposed and potential implications or applications of research to professional practice. I would also ap

Disorder causes, diagnosis, treatment and research

Interview and background research: A) Description of selected disorder (identify the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic category for the disorder and distinguish between diagnostic and commonly used terminology) B) Causative factors of the disorder C) Diagnosis of the disorder D) Treatment of the disorder C) Survey of current research