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Wedding and Differences Between Cultures

Project Introduction:

In this project, you will perform a literature review to research 'weddings' and how they are performed in different cultures. You will report your findings in APA style.

Course Objectives Tested

The following course objectives will be tested by this project:
Evaluate how the self influences society and is influenced by the self.
Analyze situations to comprehend how individuals form impressions of others.
Explore the cognitive processes that can be used for social inference.
Determine the attitude of an individual by analyzing the individual's response to different situations.
Analyze the ways in which social influence shapes or alters behavior.
Analyze the dynamics of interpersonal attraction.
Analyze the social psychological nature of personal relationships.

After analyzing weddings from a minimum of two cultures that are different from your own, write a research paper about the impressions you formed of the two cultures and why you formed those opinions using the journal articles you gathered. Discuss the cognitive processes at work and analyze your response to the ceremonies. Discuss your attitudes to the events and how they may have differed or been similar to those of others. Why do you think you exhibited these attitudes? Explain.

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You haven't indicated whether you have already chosen any cultures that you are interested in researching. So I will go on the assumption that you haven't chosen any yet. If I were doing this assignment myself, I would probably pick one culture that is collectivist (more concerned with the good of society) and one that is individualistic (puts more emphasis on the importance of the individual).

One of the biggest differences between these two types is the role that love plays in decisions involved in getting married. Collectivist cultures place less emphasis on love than do individualistic cultures. This is for a variety of reasons which you can read about online and in the articles I have attached. These differences are also stronger and clearer for decisions regarding the establishment of a marriage than for maintaining and the ending of a marriage. Greater ...

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