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Principal Kelly has suggested two objectives (one outcome and one process objective) for each of the proposed interventions:

Behavior Management Services Division Objectives

Outcome Objective: By June 2009, the Behavior Management
Division will reduce all teacher complaints of behavior problems
Process Objective: Weekly, the Behavior Management Division
will assess five children who have been referred by teachers as having behavior
management problems.

Multicultural Training:

Outcome Objective: Complaints by parents of misunderstandings
based on multicultural issues will be reduced by 25%.
Process Objective: By December, 2008, all parents and teachers
will receive multicultural training
For this problem comment on whether these objectives are
Time Bound.

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In this particular task, you are being asked to present 2 outcome objectives. I am assuming this has to do with pupil behavior in class. You have already been provided with key ideas in the problem set. I suggest therefore sing this simple outline:

1. The Scenario - 75 words
2. Outcome Objective - 100 words
3. Process Outcome - 100 words

The Scenario

In her school, principal Kelly has chosen to apply the Behavior Management Services approach to reduce teacher complain of behavior problems and to provide weekly assessment of children (5) every week. These kids are the ones teachers? complaint most about due to the disruption and behavioral problems ...

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The behavior management services division objectives are examined in the solution. Process objectives are provided.