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Divorce Counseling Groups

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Scenario: A counselor is currently co-leading a group for adolescents at a high school. The group members are those who have recently experienced their parents divorcing, placing focuses on identifying reasons for divorce, improving communication skills with parents and other family members, and identifying coping strategies for dealing with difficult emotions and situations. The counseling group has been successful so far, and the relationship with between the co-leaders appears to be working well. During the third session (out of 6), the co-leader becomes very agitated when an adolescent member describes how angry she is at her mother. The co-leader becomes angry at the member and says, "You sound just like my daughter after my divorce! Maybe your mother is a victim, too!"

How would you handle the situation?

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Group therapy is a therapeutic experience shared with others that are working through the same type of issues. Clients often find support and assimilation in the group environment by discussing their problems with those who have similar problems. In this setting, the client often find solace and answers during the discussions and can often help others dealing with the same or similar issues (1) The group setting can at times become heated and some members may become agitated.

It is not appropriate for a co-leader to get so involved in a group counseling session that they become agitated. It may not be a good idea for this counselor to continue with the group ...

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Discusses how to handle of situation of a scenario of a group for adolescents at a high school in which one co-leader becomes angry at one of the students.