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    Research and Global Education Student Planning

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    Please guide with 250 words each with reference in discussion of the following:

    a) Conventional and participatory research
    b) Global ed student -- planning process

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    Conventional & Participatory Research

    Conventional research refers to the traditional way of scientifically investigating a phenomenon. The task is to generate knowledge by coming to understand the phenomenon through an application of a scientific lens of study (i.e. qualitative approaches). Cornwall and Jewkes (1995) attest that conventional research is one wherein researchers go out in the field to study the phenomenon, take note of what is observed in the data and from here present recommendations. Participatory research goes beyond the conventional in that it promotes critical action - the bottom-up approach. Scientists and researchers go out in the field and encourage the participation of stakeholders in terms of finding solutions and coming to understand the issues and problems presented by the phenomenon under study. In this way, the stakeholders get to have their opinions, situations and context matter so that when it is time to craft solutions, their issues are ...

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    Research and global education student planning are examined.