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    Sports Psychology: Goal Setting

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    Define what a goal is and differentiate between the following goals: Subjective, General Objective, Specific Objective, Outcome, Performance and Process goals. How can a coach create a supportive goal-setting atmosphere?

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    What is a goal? Goals help to direct the athletes attention and their actions to the important phases of the job they are to do. Goals help to encourage persistence and an immediate effort on the part of the athlete and also help to assist in acquiring new strategies for performance.

    Subjective goals: a goal you set to just do the best you can at whatever it is you are doing.

    General Objective goals: a goal you set to do better at a specific sport. It helps the athlete to focus on the task at hand.

    Specific Objective goals: a goal ...

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    Goals help athletes to accomplish or learn a specific skill, they encourage the athlete to persist until they have completed or accomplished a specific feat or skill. There are many different types of goals that can help an athlete to accomplish what it is they are setting out to accomplish. Coaches should encourage athletes to set goals to strive for and assist them in meeting those goals.