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    Web Search and Analysis

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    The purpose of this assignment is twofold: the first objective is to encourage you to surf the web locating sites which target health and well-being information; second, you will have the opportunity to read and critically evaluate information, contained on the web.

    1. Use a search engine and locate sport psychology web sites [avoid university sites]
    2. Compare and contrast 8 to 10 sites to access the range of material
    3. Select 5 sites to include in your analysis. Select an array of sites based on:
    quality of material presented
    4. credentials of person responsible for information
    5. quality of site layout and structure
    6. To perform the critical analysis, compare and contrast the sites based on:
    - quality of content [is the information valid?]
    - relevance of content [is material new and current?]
    - structure and attractiveness of site

    Write a report including the following information:
    - An introductory section discussing the purpose of this project
    - A section providing an overview and rationale for your selection of the 5 sites
    - A critical analysis of each site
    - An APA reference of each site

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    The expert uses a search engine to locate the sports psychology. The range of materials are compared and contrasted.