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Capstone Project Questionnaire

We are having to do example of a psychology Capstone Project. The specific problem or issue I am addressing for the Psychology Capstone Project is the psychological effect of peer tutoring or teamship among students in the classroom. We are supposed to create a time line for the project, but I am having trouble thinking of something.

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You will need to propose a research study design and its time line.

Typically, the kinds of research statements that you have, you can design brief survey questions for both and give to students asking them about their thoughts and reactions to the issues.

Depending on how soon you create the questions and collect the surveys back from students who you give them to, you can analyze the data using software such as MS Office Excel or SPSS.

You analysis should include a correlation levels between the main constructs or variables.

For a sample size of 100 survey takers for this project, including the study and the analysis and report writing phase, you can realistically complete the study within 1 month.



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The capstone project questionnaire is defined. The expert determines how you are supposed to create a time for the project.