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Contributions by Kohlberg to Moral Development

Can you please explain in a brief summary the three contributions that Kohlberg made in moral development?

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Lawrence Kohlberg is a fairly easy figure to grasp. He is known for his Six Stages of Moral Development.
These are normally based around the three main stages of a child's maturation to adulthood (each main stage contains two sub-stages).

These are:

Pre-Conventional (obedience)
This is how a child thinks. The child here is trying to please his parents in order to avid punishment. This, in short, is how children slowly absorb the basic moral rules of society (in this case, through the family and its structures of behavior).

Conventional (social rules and roles)
As the child gets older, the concepts of pleasing parents broadens. It becomes the concept of adhering to rules as they get more impersonal. These go away from the family and become more social rules. One important part ...

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The contributions by Kohlberg to moral development is examined.