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Kohlberg (1984): Stages of Moral Development

Kohlberg (1984)

Paul was a 12-year-old boy. His father promised him that he could go to a rock concert if he saved up from his paper-round and lunch money to buy a ticket. He managed to save up the $15 the ticket cost plus another $5. But then his father changed his mind and told Paul that he had to spend the money on new clothes for school. Paul was disappointed and decided to go to the concert anyway. He bought a ticket and told his father that he had only been able to save $5. That Saturday he went to the performance and told his father that he was spending the day with a friend. Paul told his older brother, Clint, that he had gone to the performance and had lied to his father about it. Clint wonders whether to tell their father what Paul did.

Give different actions and explain in depth in which by Clint that indicate the different stages of moral development:




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Based on the scenario and Kohlberg's (1984) theory of moral development, this solution explores the different stages of moral development for Clint.