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Decriminalization of Drugs

Marijuana is the most prevalent illicit drug used by Americans. In spite of limited scientific evidence, many people believe that marijuana should be made more available for medicinal purposes. Others view this stance as a strategic tactic to decriminalize marijuana.

- Defend the position against the decriminalization of marijuana and its use for medicinal reasons.
- How would decriminalization affect our society?
- Are there pros to decriminalization?
- What is some recent information about the legal marijuana farms in Northern California and other states that produce medicinal marijuana?

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Substance abuse is determined as an acquired habit that is a combination of genetic, social, pharmacological and behavioral factors. Biological components associated with substance disorders and addiction are contributed to self-stimulation that takes place in the pleasure area of the brain (Panel, 2003). Substance abuse is termed as addictive behaviors of short-term pleasure at the expense of negative effect on health. Marijuana (cannabis) is considered to be the most widely used illicit substance in the world, with approximately 2 to 3 million new users of marijuana every year, primarily adolescents (Sofuoglu, Sugarman, & Carroll, 2011). Opponents of the legalization of marijuana cite many adverse consequences that can be attributed to the drug use. For example, Sofuoglu et al. present research that shows marijuana to be associated with problems such as: (a) low academic achievement, (b) early school dropout, (c) ...

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This solution discusses marijuana use and efforts at decriminalization of the drug for medicinal purposes.