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    Decriminalization of Drugs - Morality and Law

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    Examine the relationship between morality and law using several different examples.

    Respond to each question in 150-250 words.

    1. Under what circumstances, if any, might the legalization or decriminalization of drugs be beneficial to society?

    2. Do you consider alcohol a drug? Should greater control be placed on the sale of alcohol?

    3. Do TV shows and films glorify drug usage and encourage youths to enter the drug trade? Should all images on TV of drugs and alcohol be banned?

    4. Is prostitution really a crime? Should a man or woman have the right to sell sexual favors if they so choose?

    5. Do you believe there should be greater controls placed on the distribution of sexually explicit material on the Internet? Would you approve of the online sale of sexually explicit
    photos of children if they were artificial images created by computer animation?

    6. Which statement is more accurate:
    (a) Sexually aggressive men are drawn to pornography because it reinforces their preexisting hostile drugs cause people to become mentally ill. He asks you to comment on other possible explanations. What you tell him?

    7. Are there objective standards of morality? Does the existing criminal code reflect contemporary national moral standards? Or are laws banning sexual behaviors and substance
    abuse the product of a relatively few"moral entrepreneurs" who seek to control other people's behaviors?

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    1. We already have legalization of some drugs such as alcohol and prescription drugs. It is the decriminalization of drugs which need to be addressed. There will always be a moral issue when it comes to the legalization of drugs. For instance, Marijuana is not legal by Federal standards; however, many states have legalized the plant for medicinal purposes. Many moral leaders would like us to believe that this is a drug of no value; however, studies have shown that it has helped many individuals in the past. I believe that under this circumstance, Marijuana should be legalized to help with the aid of patients who suffer from diseases such as glaucoma, cancer, AIDS and severe pain disorders. It is not a question of morality; it is about ending the suffering of human beings who are suffering from diseases. Society allows alcohol and prescription drugs (of which Morphine and other Opiates were legal to use until the early 20th century); the government needs to acknowledge that some non-man-made drugs are medicinal and should be legalized through prescription and get off their high moral horse.
    2. Yes, alcohol is a drug and there should be greater control placed on the sale of liquor. I still am dumbfounded why alcohol and tobacco are legal; however, marijuana is not. In the last ten years, approximately 250,000 people died in alcohol related car accidents in the U.S. alone. In addition to these figures, estimates show that the economic and societal cost of alcohol related car accidents are very high. Alcohol impaired drivers cost American taxpayers about 21 to 24 billion dollars a year. Other studies show a much higher figure of $136 billion dollars is spent on alcohol related accidents. This is in addition to the huge insurance costs of alcohol related accidents and the injury, destruction and death that come with them (Morris, 2006). According to the Drug War Facts and reports based on 2000 data, alcohol related deaths were at 103,350 and Tobacco related deaths were at 435,000, prescription drug related deaths were 32,000; however, elicit drug related deaths accounts for only 17,000 which decreased 3,300 from reports 10 years prior. While alcohol related deaths have decreased by approximately ...

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