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Trust in Groups Importance

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Trust is an important component to running a successful group. Explore ideas that could help to facilitate the establishment of trust within a group. What factors do you think are likely to lead to trust or distrust within a group setting? What do you see as the major barriers to developing trust in a group setting?

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The expert examines the trust in groups importance. The major barriers to developing trust in a group setting is determined.

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? Explore ideas that could help to facilitate the establishment of trust within a group.

One of the best practices in a mental health or clinical therapeutic intervention is to utilize the skill of listening along with other skills. Listening ensures the client that the counselor/practitioner is focused on his or her interests. Good listening goes a long way in building a trustful relationship, because it leads to several therapeutic outcomes including: (a) helps the client feel accepted, (b) provides a safe environment that explores growth and change, and (b) helps the client with the aid of the counselor search for an understanding of the client's situation and his or her worldview. One approach focused on building trust between practitioner and client including group therapy is Roger's person-centered approach (Corey, 2005). According to Corey, this non-directive therapeutic approach emphasizes increased ...

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