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Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace

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Hello I need help developing response for the following:

1. Why are interpersonal relationships in the workplace important?


2. Assume that you are to be placed in charge of a group of employees in the global organization that are located in different areas of the world. Outline the key action steps that you will take to make sure that the group develops into a real team?

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An online source noted that strong interpersonal relationship starts with an attraction between individuals that bring them close to each other. Although it takes several forms, this report focuses on the interrelationship that takes place among individuals who are working together in the same organization. Relationship may develop among members of a team or among members of a group. The same online source noted the following as basic characteristics of a team or a group with effective interpersonal relationship:
1. They share common goals and objectives,
2. They have more or less similar interests, line of thinking, and may have come from similar backgrounds,
3. They respect each others' views and opinions,
4. They have a sense of trust, and
5. There is transparency and honesty among them.


The above discussions indicate that effective ...

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The expert determines why the interpersonal relationships in the workplace are important. The different areas of the world are determined.

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