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co-dependency issue

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This solution offers research to assess the co-dependency issue as well as the definition of codependency.

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Because the concept of codependency has such strong ties to psychiatric, addictive, and psychological research, here is a great article to use, which I also attached:

Stafford, L. L. (2001). IS CODEPENDENCY A MEANINGFUL CONCEPT?. Issues In ...

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This solution briefly integrates research to define and articulate the co-dependency issue as well as the definition of codependency.

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Discuss, while protecting confidentiality, a case example of codependency, dual diagnosis, addiction, or substance abuse you have encountered during your clinical experience or can you hypothesize about how you might handle one.

Utilizing information from readings or other articles you have located in the professional literature, describe the approach you used for working with these presenting issues.

How would it be determined that this would be the most effective approach to use? Give an example of at least one specific intervention used, and describe the impact this intervention had on the client.

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