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African Development: Marxism and Dependency Positions

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Compare and contrast the competing theories for African economic development, being sure to discuss the major propositions of modernization and development and Marxist and dependency theories.

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African Development: Theories


According to Moss (2011), the development (or issues to, and lack thereof) of African nations cannot be attributed to poverty alone, or to the impact of politics - there are complexities brought on by the domestic context of each nation, and to an extent 'peoples, cultures and tribes' and their associated histories including the impact of their colonial experience, the presence of tribal conflict, violence and civil war, regionalism, debt burdens and the impact of the international aids system. Many globally question the decades-long economic aid provided to African nations after the end of colonialism and the current status qou - why is it that there is a trend of aid-dependence so much so that it impedes growth? With recent Chinese interests spreading across African economies (especially in the mining sector), academics like Hongwu (2013) pondered on the issue and came up with this position - "For a long time, capacity deficiencies and the low level of governance performance among African countries lead to turmoil of 'having tribe societies without a central government'. This is an important factor that caused slow development in Africa. Thus, we must rethink the development and governance issues of Africa, to seek Africanised solutions for African issues based on the characteristics of Africa." What then can we rethink? First area of exploration can be the 2 prime ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of African development and the 2 theoretical positions used commonly to explore it - marxism and dependency. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.