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DSM Classification in a Marxist Perspective

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I need to come up with a thesis for a 10 page essay for a theory course. Since I am a psychiatric nurse, I thought I would critique the evolution of the DSM- the classification system used in mental health. I don't foresee difficulties there; however, in not being very familiar with Marxism, I am having difficulties coming up with an outline. If I were to use Marxism, how would I set this up- would I be looking at the political, the social or the economic aspects behind the making of the DSM or all of them? Thank you.

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The solution is a concise guide advising the student in tackling the problem of doing a critique on a psychiatric diagnosing method from a marxist point of view.

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The theory of Marxism is really about a subject-object analysis, concentrating on theory-practice relationships and the reconstitution of categories in and through the development of a crisis-ridden social world. Many Marxist theories use the state to examine the social relations of production. By extension, Marxist theory focuses on the social class antagonism between capital and labour in order to affirm a commitment to emancipation within the social world by theoretically calling into question the separation of subject from object, or struggle from structure, and practically engaging with social ...

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