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Adolescent Counseling Techniques

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An definition of counseling and the most essential characteristics of a helping relationship

A detailed explanation of the key elements that must be covered in the first counseling session with a new client and why they must be covered

How and for what type of client issues dealing with adolescents can I use restructuring in treatment?

How and for what type of client issues dealing with adolescents can I use role play in treatment?

Is it possible that I can get reliable or scholarly sources to look up the information

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From a psychological perspective, counseling is essentially the process by which trained counseling staff seek to analyze an individual's present interaction with his or her environment, and to strengthen that individual's ability to cope with his or her environment, and the multiplicity of variables that exist within this environmental scheme. Counseling also involves helping an individual to ascertain his or her strengths and weaknesses in relation to the environmental situations that he or she is facing, and to help them to find the most effective and efficient means by which to achieve their aims, and to maintain a healthy frame ...