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Childhood and Adolescent Disorders Increase

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1) Do you believe that the diagnosis of childhood and adolescent disorders has increased over the past 25 years? Why or why not?
2) Do you think that we will see an increase in diagnosis? Why or why not?

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I believe that childhood and adolescent disorders have increased over the past 25 years. This is because more trauma has grown over the decades. For example, more children are experiencing more traumas than ever before in history. They are unsure of the world around them, and are not aware of how cold people can become towards them. He or she will end up having issues because of the lack of self-awareness, which is not developed until adulthood, and usually during the time the individual reaches college. Not only ...

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This solution provided an opinon on whether or not there is an increase in childhood and adolescent disorders as well as in diagnosis.

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