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Principles of Conditoning

When you are bored sometime you can create your own CR by using lemonade powder. I have repeated this with great success. Get some lemonade powder (US) and have your subjects taste a small amount. Most people will salivate because of the tartness associated with the powder. When you pair the taste with the word lemonade (CS) you will get a CR. (conditioned response)

What do you think the CR will be?

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The pairing of a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus results in a conditioned response, which is a learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus. Based on Pavlov's traditional explanation of classical conditioning, the presentation of one stimulus for another is explained by the Stimulus Substitution Theory. The theory holds that an association occurs between the conditioned stimulus (CS), so that the CS eventually substitutes for the unconditioned stimulus [US] (Plotnik, 1993, 203).

Thus with regards to the experiment, you will learn to salivate (or at least get a tingling tongue) to the word lemonade, because the word becomes associated in the nervous ...

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This solution discusses the principles of conditioned stimulus and response.