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    Survey Research Methodology

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    1) For this question choose a research area that you would like to learn more about. One research topic area is whether violence in mass media increases negative behavior in children.

    2) Briefly design a study using one of the survey approaches.

    3) The research design should include the type of sampling you will use and why you chose the approach that you did to study this topic.

    3) Regardless of the method you choose, include two sample questions that will be part of your study.

    4) Indicate why each of these would be good questions based on the principles presented this week.

    5) What are the ethical concerns associated with your question or approach?

    6) Finally, suggest ways to improve the response rate or participation levels in your study.

    250-300 words and utilize at least two scholarly sources, cited in APA format

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    1. I will be conducting research on the topic of whether or not music with violent overtones, such as "gangsta rap", increases violent behavior among young males.

    2. In designing a study of this nature, I will be allocating the use of survey questionnaires, that will be designed in a manner that will ask the pertinent questions in respect to gain factual data on whether or not there is an increased prevalence of violent activities among young men who listen to "gangsta rap", or have witnessed the actions of others who frequently listen to this genre of ...