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    Psychology topics for kids

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    Create a simple behavioral study of possible interest to a fifth-grade student who wants to do a science fair project based on psychology.

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    Dear Student,

    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. It's an interesting proposition you are trying to achieve - to create a behavioural study that would be of interest to a 5th-grade student. Before anything else, let me reframe the help that you are seeking - putting together behavioural study ideas that would be applicable to this age segment (5th-grade). I am going to assume that you already know the principles of doing a behavioural study. Also, by now, I am going to assume that behavioural sciences studies human decision and communication (where psychology, sociology and cognitive science influence the models used in the study) to uncover new knowledge and explore elements about behavior. To make it simple, it should be best to first decide whether you are going to focus on decision or on communication. I think, in my part, it would be best to focus on decision as then the concepts that could be used can be explained quite simply following decision-theory models that kids can find easy to understand (i.e. rational choice theory). Having done this, let us know pick a topic of interest.

    5th grade kids are usually 10-11 years of age and one of the interesting subjects that they take on at this stage is life science where the mechanics of plants and animals are learned. Kids at this age are very interested in animals, especially those that they can ...

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    The solution provides advise and information on a possible behavioral study that might be of interest as a psychology-based science-fair project for 5th graders. Accesible online resources are also listed for further exploration of the topic.