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SPSS Syntax Commands

Prior to the advent of Windows and menu commands, users of SPSS had to learn complex syntax language to write programs instructing SPSS to perform analyses. Large, tattered manuals, about the size of a large city telephone book, were often found in academic computer labs where students frequently consulted them to learn how to write the commands properly. Failure to include some critical detail in the command syntax, such as forgetting a period or leaving out a term, would result in the program failing to run.

Although IBM SPSS commands can now be executed by menu selections, syntax programs are still an indispensable part of efficient use of the software. It is much, much easier to produce syntax programs with fewer errors now. Can someone please help me explain why?

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SPSS, SAS, and most well-established statistical programs utilize their own programming syntax, code, or language to execute statistical analyses. Prior to Window-based program environments that are ...

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SPSS Syntax commands are examined.