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    Descriptive Statistics for Howell Data Set in SPSS

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    See attached file.

    There is an attached Howell data set that is in SPSS. For each of the nine variables in the data set, compute all appropriate measures of central tendency and variability in SPSS, and generate syntax and output files. Also copy and past the SPSS syntax and output files into a word document as well as computing them in the SPSS.

    Based on your SPSS analysis, report the results using correct APA format. This can also be included in the word document.

    MAKE SURE THAT : First, using SPSS, you must use the Analyze, Descriptive Statistics, Frequency commands to generate frequency data for all of the categorical variables and the Analyze, Descriptive Statistics, Descriptives commands to generate means and standard deviations for your continuous data. Once you calculate all of this information, you must copy and paste all the relevant tables into a word document as well as having the computations completed in the SPSS.

    Second, you must generate an APA formatted write-up that includes the following: (a) A text paragraph describing the information about these variables (e.g., percentage of men and women, average IQ, etc.) and (b) an APA formatted Table.

    A. complete computations in SPSS
    B. complete other work in attached word document.

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