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Best validation method

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Suppose you were in charge of admissions for a college, and were choosing a test to give to applicants to your college. You want the test scores to be a good indicator of how the applicants would perform academically in college. One test you are evaluating is Snider's Speedy School Skills Selection Test (SSSSST), a college entrance exam similar to the SAT and ACT. According to the developers of the SSSSST, it tests high school seniors on the essential skills they should have learned in high school.

(a) Which kind of evidence for the validity of this test would be most important to you: content validity, predictive validity, or face validity? Why?

(b) Which of the validity methods listed in (a) would be least important to you? Why?

IF necessary please include reference (Not necessary). No Plagiarism please

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Best Validation Method:

The kind of evidence for the validity of this kind of test is the content validity. This is because the content validity is most likely to be high if the test carefully followed the writing guidelines and if there was the development of the appropriate set of specifications in the test. The content validity is whereby ...

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Best validation methods are examined. The kinds of evidence for the validity of the test which would be most important to you are given. Content validity, predictive validity and face validity is determined.