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Assistive Devices and Adjustment Needs

Children who are taught to use one or more assistive devices often require a period of adjustment as they develop new strategies for experiencing their world. While it is exciting to be able to see, hear, or speak more than before, it is still an adjustment for the child, his family members, and his teachers. At times, children become frustrated as they try to relearn their environments (home and school).
What problems might families have adjusting to a child using an assistive device (especially practical and social problems)?
Describe the types of social adjustments that the child might experience and what strategies can be used to help him or her during the period of learning how to use the device.

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Families who have a child or children that use one more assistive devices, might have a problem in adjusting to the need to interact with the child in a special manner, due to the fact that this child is facilitating the use of a assistive device in order to help them to see, hear, or speak. Families may also have the problem of not remembering to interact with this child in a specialized manner, due to the fact that they may at times forget ...