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Multiple Intelligences

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Focus only on one portion of: "EI THEORY" (EI = Emotional Intelligence)


Write a 300 word summary of what you've read. Write at a level that would be appropriate for explaining the ideas to a fellow student.

Be sure to state what you think is the most important or most interesting aspect of the article.

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Hello, my name is Ms. Hartman and I can not do this assignment for you but I will give you guidance and an example to follow.

Step 1- You need to focus on one portion of EI such as social awareness. The others are self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Step 2 to begin writing I would define emotional intelligence in my own words. For example- Emotional intelligence is one of many categories that can make humans better adapted in the world or it could be a challenge for us. Some people have a higher level of emotional intelligence is they can understand how a person is ...

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Multiple Intelligences, the Mozart Effect, and Emotional Intelligence

Focus only on one portion of: "EI THEORY" (EI = Emotional Intelligence)