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Remaining Objective and Ethical in Research

What advice would you give to a researcher to put personal beliefs aside and remain objective and ethical?

Example: A researcher has a younger brother serving in the Army in Iraq, and the family is extremely proud of the brother's patriotism. Sadly, the brother was recently killed when the army vehicle he was in was bombed. As a result, the researcher has developed a strong dislike and distrust of people from the Middle East and Muslims in general. During the course of setting up interviews for the researcher's study, the researcher discovers that some people of Middle Eastern heritage are included in the participant base.

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All individuals construct reality from their own perspectives, based not only upon their sociological influences, such as norms, value and cultures, but also their psychological influences of emotions, perception, and other mental processes. The focus of remaining "objective" refers to maintaining an open mind, being "uninfluenced by personal prejudices." Since this individual has now become impacted by a personal tragedy that possess elements of influence of not only his psychology, but his sociological understanding of "reality," their processing of data or even their own emotions can become confused or skewed based upon the research study being conducted.

Because their sibling was killed while serving in a combat zone, the ...

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The solution discusses the remaining objective and ethical in research.